any advice for what to apply for if not consulting?

as we all know, the market is horrendous rn for those graduating in 2024 trying to enter consulting, but I've been having trouble figuring out what roles to apply for and to where if not in consulting. i have a background in healthcare systems and did healthcare consulting as my primary internship with some legislative internships in the past, but I'm not really sure what roles these skills transfer to outside the consulting realm. any direction/help for myself or others would likely be greatly appreciated as I'm sure many of us are in the same boat of hitting a dead end rn with consulting 


I'd go to law school (esp if you have a high GPA in UG)


Bad advice. Horrible opportunity cost + debt for an otherwise consultant. And law will be disrupted very rapidly by AI relative to many fields—rarely value additive and nature of work makes it ripe for disruption.

If you want to delay, consider a 1-year masters that interests you or taking a gap year for something like peace corp. (is acceptable in consulting and loved by MBA adcoms).

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Hmm really? Big law salaries are quite high coming out of law school so you can pay off your debt in a few years. 

I think the AI hype is overdone for law. It’s still a heavily relationship driven advisory business. Put another way I don’t think its significantly more ripe for automation than IB. A lot of what lawyers provide is cya. Yeah yeah you could automate redlining contracts but people are still gonna hire K&E to make a Harvard law grad do at it 2am since they don’t want to say sorry we missed loophole in contract since fucked up.

I work at an MF and we hire lawyers, bankers, and consultants all the time and they all have their place and value. I think law can be quite interesting work especially at the more senior levels. Junior levels of any industry are going to be a bit dumb and tedious (consulting included as someone who spent a few years at MBB before PE) but it’s part of learning the ropes so you can be position to be more senior advisory role later on.


I’d still recommend a year of work experience to top off gpa with easy senior classes and be a more derivable employee. They’d apply the fall after they graduate.

At my T14 the majority of students had 1-2 years of work experience before coming here. And at the same relative law school GPA, they have better employment outcomes.


Some companies are hiring new grad associate product managers. While not the same job necessarily, you still get the prestige and salary that you're here for. Some want quant backgrounds, but a good number of them (Mastercard, Visa, Notion, Adobe, IBM, etc) will take business/econ majors. I've been using to aggregate.


These are super competitive roles, equal if not more than consulting


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