Cannot exit MBB

I’ve been here a bit under a year. I’m wondering what your experience has been recently - I haven’t been getting any interviews in Marketing, Sales, Strategy roles.

Wondering if a) I will get interviews once I hit 1Y tenure in a month and a half or b) I am doing something wrong in my exit strategy.

Currently applying to roles on LinkedIn and startup websites that fit my background and are 1 step up in terms of responsibilities. Please ask any questions to help diagnose what I’m doing wrong or provide any advice that comes to mine - thank you!

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I'm also at MBB (little >1Y now), and honestly I think this is a case of you not being there long enough and the current state of the labour market in most countries at the moment. There is only so much you can learn / get exposed to inside of a year & a lot of firms right now are just waiting to see how things go before committing to recruiting heavily again.

In the past year I did do a lot of projects yes, but there are so many things I haven't done yet. I wouldn't consider myself in the best position possible to exit into industry by leveraging my MBB experience at this stage.

Personally, as a recruiter, I'd be very curious as to why you were leaving inside of a year, and my first guess would be low performance. Now, you may be a top performer and just want to exit (perfectly reasonable), but that will not be the first assumption people make when seeing someone staying <1Y at MBB, given (a) how much emphasis there is on up or out and (b) the typical exit timelines of 2-4 years.

I would wait it out, go up at least 1 seniority level, and then explore exits once again.


This type of question comes up almost every week. Not accusing you of being repetitive. It’s just that everyone is having an issue recruiting right now and your experience is reflective of this reality. I can tell you I have not gotten a single first round interview after having applied to 40-ish jobs. The expectation based on prior experience is at least a 25% conversion rate. It’s rough out there.


If you’re trying to leave MBB after less than one year (really anytime under two years) most people assume it’s performance related which makes it hard.

Plus honestly less than a year in you likely haven’t learned enough. I’d say spend another year and do some more projects in the area you interested in and recruit then.

The market will likely have improved some but then and you’ll be seen as a stronger asset coming in after 2+ years of MBB.


Wouldn’t you have to begin recruiting at 1Y of MBB for exit opps that start after 2Y


I mean if you want to leave exactly at year 2 end then yeah you would recruit one year and  8 months in. 

But no typically for the types of roles this person is looking for (esp those available to people after two years of MBB) you don’t need a full year of lead time.

Only exception is PE for which you need 21-15 months of lead time (for most funds obviously can vary case by case)


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