Looking for MBB Middle East office recruiting insight!

Hey! looking for anyone who has insights into MBB Middle East office recruiting!

Currently work at a good large non MBB consultancy in the U.S, 18 months experience. Looking to transition to a Middle East office for MBB. What is the best approach for this? I am a GCC citizen and have working knowledge of Arabic and grew up in a GCC country.

After graduating from non target grad school in engineering with good gpa I tried applying to MBB with no response, only had luck with interviews outside of MBB. Now with some work experience and my background in Oil and Gas consulting I feel I should have a shot at an interview. Goal is 18 months at MBB in the Middle East then B-school.

Anyone have any advice or insight?



Actually if you want to work in the Middle East you might want to consider Booz & Company, they are by far the largest and most prestigious there


Hi OP, fellow GCC guy here as well. Going to start in consulting this summer. As David correctly said, Booz & Co is by far the largest player in the region. They're very strong in CMT and government work. McK has been around for a while and is growing slowly. From what I know they have around 200-300 consultants in their Dubai office right now. Bain and BCG at the moment are very small.

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Abdel, I have requested membership to the group. Thanks!

I also have booz and co on my target list, i know they are quite big from my friends graduating from the better schools in the middle east.

alan_shore nice, good luck. Is it with Booz I assume or MBB? How did you end up with the interview invite? You went to school in the U.S or Europe or in the GCC?

I am more focused on Oil and Gas consulting I know Schlumberger has a consulting arm for oil and gas as well as some oil majors but I was looking to utilize the MBB brand as a signaling tool for B-School apps in the future.

The main problem I am having is that my current plan involves applying online and cold email recruiters I come across. What other methods of approach should I be taking to have a better chance at interview opportunities for roles in the Middle East?

I worked for 2 years in MENA and have lots of connections. If you want, I can give you a few names to contact.

Hi if you could please pass on the contacts to me as well, I will be grateful.


In my opinion and experience, was6a (connections - for non-arabic speakers) doesn't usually work in consulting firms, even in the middle east. That's the reason they maintain the quality of their people throughout the world. The maximum a was6a can get you is an interview; from there its all you on your own.


Yeah alan_shore is accurate when he says wasta will get you the interview, and the rest of the process is dependent on how you perform at the interview. There are exceptions where undeserving people get through based on connections alone, but I've seen that happen at places like NYC and London as well so it's not surprising.

For Oil & Gas I'd recommend McKinsey.. their Middle East team is currently very busy, and not just in the region but in Asia Pacific and Europe as well. Which is important since it means you'll see interesting places and work with interesting clients as opposed to being stuck in Kuwait and Saudi all the time.

Personally I was never a big fan of Booz in the region because of their Lebanese favoritism when it comes to hiring, promotions and bonuses. I prefer being in a multicultural environment that is not so heavily dominated by one group of people.

BCG and Bain don't have much of a presence in the ME, particularly Bain... but they do have great people working at both so I wouldn't discount them.

Oliver Wyman are very Saudi-focused if you decide to join the FS track, in fact, you will be in Saudi just about all the time except for weekends. I don't know much about their general management track in the region.


From what I hear, Booz has been on a bit of a down swing as of late. Still the place to be if you are Lebanese but if not, would think twice.

BCG has revamped it's local office leadership and has been overbooked. Many Associates/Consultants have made it into HBS/Stanford/Wharton/INSEAD - so can realize your plan there. Same can be said for Bain.

If energy is your thing - McK handsdown; Booz a close second.


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