ER coming from a non-equity BS role

Hi everyone,

I just received an internship offer from a small High Yield/Disstressed debt HF, with a bottom up investing style and I need to give them an answer asap.
I am also in process with a more notorious LO equity AM focused on tech and a division of discretionary portfolio management at a well known group but not so much in equity but nothing sure atm.

The role in fixed income seems really interesting to me (especially given the economic cycle) but i am concerned about the impact on my future carreer given that I want to work FT in ER.
I still have a final internship to do next year and I could possibly get a role in equity at that time (buy side or sell side).

In your opinion, how hard it is to switch from BS fixed income internship to Sell Side ER ?

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Bump. I got the offer from the LO AM too but I have accepted the exploding offer of the HF. I really don't want to renege as the senior people that will be working with me seems to be great people with extensive knowledge of the industry but I can consider it if it will be negative in future ER interviews. Any inputs ?

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