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Max, 1.2k. But preferably $600 per suit. I don't want to ask my parents for too much money and plan on buying it when I start interning. Also, I go to school in Boston, visit NYC a lot, and live in SoCal.

You want the Porsche of suits for Toyota prices, I appreciate the attempt. 

But honestly, most important thing is fit, so make sure you budget for tailoring if it isn’t included in the purchase price. I’d probably just go with a place like SuitSupply, they make decent suits (and you can customize a lot) at various price points. Also will include the tailoring, etc. They won’t be super high end (I guess depends on what you pick)and people will complain about all sorts of stuff (canvassing etc) but I’ve found them to be pretty reliable and solid. 


My first suit I bought was the jetsetter from Bonobos which prob came out to 700 after alterations, but after getting my second suit from SuitSupply(~900) I can definitely say that SS is worth more than its value. At SS the stylists know exactly what they are doing and you just have to tell them you want "conservative but tailored" and they will fit you with a great suit, of significantly higher quality and convenience compared to Bonobos. They do alterations in store and it takes ~3 days as opposed to bonobos which ships you the suit and then you have to go find a tailor, so entire B process is more than double the time of that of SS. Outside of suits I do think Bonobos has great value for everyday office pants and shirts, but SS takes the lead for suits.


SS store, would highly recommend so they can do alterations. 


A summer analyst wearing Porsche of anything would be laughed out of the room


For best overall, easily accessible retail brand, I would definitely say Brooks Brothers.  They aint what they used to be but they're still decent and you can expect to find high-enough quality suits, shirts, ties, and what not for <$1000.  If you're into style and quality though, I would recommend doing a ton of research on the internet in classic men's style and business-wear and buy vintage from either online or curated vintage/thrift stores, of which NYC has plenty.  Vintage also tends to be both higher quality and a lot cheaper so you can get much more for your money that way and also look cooler.  Although, if you're really willing and able to spend 1.2k, the best option in my opinion would be finding a good bespoke tailor in NYC and getting something from there.  You would still need to do lots of research and spend time and money, but the end product would definitely be worth it, especially for a professional environment.


Historic advice has always been SuitSupply, but given their prices have gone up 50% in the past couple of years it's a harder sell. Go in the store and try them on though to get a good idea of quality.


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