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Tactical Threat @BX, what's your opinion? Comment below:

- Two suits, one in black and the other one in navy blue. I would recommend Suit Supply

- 5/6 white shirts is enough, you can buy at CT.

- Two pair of shoes is fine

- Would also recommend buying some nice casual clothes for weekends that you can wear when with other interns or analyst (e.g. polo) 

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simia pecuniaria, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Def. don't go for a black suit (unless you plan on attending a funeral anytime soon lol). Go for navy blue as suggested and then for a dark or light gray.

6 white shirts are enough: 5 for the week (there are many same-day dry cleaners that you can go to on Saturdays) and a spare shirt to keep in your drawer, just in case.

I would also go for a second pair of shoes as a backup like black loafers (nothing too flashy) or dark brown (no light brown). My first pair broke literally on the first day of the SA and I would have been fucked if I hadn't brought a second pair ahah

Good idea on the polos

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Tactical Threat @BX, what's your opinion? Comment below:

To add, not sure where OP heading over the summer but also get 2 good quality ties. On your first day (if sell-side) wear the tie and then if no one has a tie then its usually fine to take it off. 

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Do not wear a black suit. That's like... the first thing you can find on any of the topics in the fashion forum

IMO, wearing a light blue > white shirt is better if you don't have an accompanying jacket/suit (unless your skin color is dark) but that's a pretty minor nitpick

Fan of Kamakura for shirts if you can find them on sale, otherwise, can't go wrong with CT. SuitSupply is great as echoed above. 

Most interns at my bank (American EB in London, so likely more casual side of things) just went with dress shirt + trousers/chinos + occasional vest/quarter-zip, people very rarely wore jackets or suits. Espc given most client-facing stuff is still virtual, no one really cares what you wear so long as you get the job done and don't do anything ridiculous 

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Are interns given a locker in UK BBs?

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2 pairs of shoes, not 1 pair, you need to switch to give them time to air after wearing them for 14 hours. pro tip - get a pair of black shoes with padding in the insole, Clarks have some. Makes them feel more like trainers without sacrificing the smart look.

1 suit (Only Navy) with 2 pairs of trousers. Worked perfectly well for me. 

10 shirts (Use 5 and send to dry cleaners on Saturday to pick up the following week after you've used the remaining 5 and repeat)

3 ties - you probably won't wear them but just in case, pick very conservative, get advice from the guy/gal in the shop. 

Can get all from Charles Tyrwhitt. Don't bother with Suit Supply, more expensive and I can't justify and I'm beyond SA

ehbitduh, what's your opinion? Comment below:

These might be stupid questions but I thought I'd ask anyway as you seem to know what you are talking about.

I have heard that the general dress code in London is a two piece suit with no tie. At the same time I have also heard that you shouldn't wear the same suit more than twice per week. Doesn't this mean that you should have at least three suits to rotate throughout the week?

Also curious on only having one suit, doesn't it make you look like you are always wearing the same thing and so seen negatively?

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Might be just me but I wouldn't risk it with only one suit. What if you spill coffee on it or something? No need to get three suits, but two are a must imho. They don't need to be expensive or anything (no one cares) but get two to be safe.

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Yes it is two piece suit and no tie unless client meeting, then you wear tie, don't get double breasted jacket. I don't know where you heard that about the suit. I can see some people saying that for don't wear the same tie twice a week since its cheap to buy tie but no one is rotating thru 3x blazers a week, hence why I said get 2 pairs of trousers for each suit you own. Every single person in my team from Analyst to VP wore a navy suit if they wore one at all i.e. more casual Friday (this is team dependent, don't assume). Some wore slightly different style shirts, ties, gilets, quarter zips or shoes but they didn't really change that up 3x a week. More that you know person X always wears a Arcteryx gilet if they do wear one. But hey maybe my team is quite chill about this. I would agree get 2 for safety but my point is, you can get by with 1 and 2 pairs of pants       

No it doesn't at least imho - defo don't wear same shirt more than once a week, get a fresh one but its fine if you wear fresh all plain white shirts every day. The aim of dressing in banking is to fit in, not to stand out, hence you hear how all "finance bros" look "the same".

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