Women in Banking: bags & clothes

I’m sure there aren’t many women on here but was hoping to get some perspective from the ones who are,

What’s the go to bag to bring to work? I know kate spade totes are popular, anything else?

Opinions on wearing dresses to work? If so what brands do you recommend?


p.s this is for my first SA role and want to fit an as well as possible.

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Any neutral low/no logo rectangle that comfortably holds your laptop, notebook, any other odds and ends you might want. (Lunch pail, flat shoes for the subway….) Leather or quality synthetic. More utilitarian but still cute: Longchamp le pliage, Tumi tote or backpack, Beis, Dagne Dover. Laptops get heavy, would say while you don’t have to ball out for an intern bag, it should be durable. To be real I use a brown leather Madewell bag for everyday at the office, have a more formal black Cole haan leather tote for meetings. I got it at Marshall’s back on my bschool budget, still getting me by while I save for/daydream about a Hermes Kelly 35 or Bottega Andiamo. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Longchamps are really easy if you have a lot of stuff to bring back and forth. A lot of women don't need to carry much and use a smaller, everyday-sized bag (think your regular black crossbody bag). 

Dresses are great, just make sure they are long enough (mid thigh or just above knee) and not tight. I'd also throw in some nice black work pants and flats, not heels. Most banks are fine with wearing sneakers (white/neutral, think an understated pair of Vejas) but I would get a few weeks in before this. 

Work has gotten much more casual in recent years, would think more business casual than business professional as you buy clothes. I like Theory, J Crew, Club Monaco, some Abercrombie, etc. 

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