Women Jewelry in Office

How much jewelry would you say is appropriate for women investment bankers to wear in the office?

And how much jewelry is too much? Would it look bad if you wore high end jewelry like Cartier and Van Cleef bracelets, rings etc or could that cause bad looks from other (female) bankers?


I say this as a girl, despite my username, I think the same rules apply to jewelry as they do for watches and purses. Don’t wear things that are obviously more expensive than what a senior female on the team wears.


Thanks! In regards to quantity, how much jewelry is too much? Is wearing a few bracelets or rings fine (like 2-3 each) or is it too much?


What size is your rolex datejust? I'm a woman as well and looking at 26mm / 28mm / 31mm. Was originally leaning towards the 31mm, but wondering if a smaller watch (more like a bracelet) would be better for everyday wear across professional / casual / event settings.


Holy shit even the analysts in banking make like $200k now. No one gives a fuck if you wear a $5k bracelet or watch. And besides you're either probably a diversity hire that has never seen money and can finally afford nice things or a nepotism hire that was already rich. No one cares


Don’t think anyone would blink at jewelry that’s a few thousand. Pretty sure you weren’t planning on wearing the Emma chamberlain’s met gala Cartier choker anyway, an Alhambra pendant is fine+ love bracelet is fine. I wear some more fun pieces and layer rings/chains but style it more subdued at the office. I’m kind of rough of my jewelry so lean towards the mejuri types anyway.


I wear earrings on the smaller side (diamond studs, small gold hoops). Bracelet stack is two thin dainty chains (one Van Cleef) + one 6k bracelet with smaller diamonds. No one blinks. Most teams are guys anyways and they never notice


Do most female analysts wear such pieces? Or do you find them more common at the Associate and above level?


Nice to see a good & constructive discussion about women's fashion/ jewelry for once. Refreshing change from the thousands of watch threads that have come up


To be fair, I hate those discussions too. There's just way too many of them to throw monkey shit at all of them. Especially the ones outlining wardrobe for summer internships. Figure it the fuck out for yourself like everyone else. People in finance are so autistic.  

It's just common sense, wear whatever the fuck you want to wear and if people judge you for it then that's a reflection on them, not on you. 

Easy rule of thumb is just like dating or conversing or socializing. Isopraxism (or mirroring) -- just do what everyone else is doing, no more no less.

Another rule of thumb is if you have to ask here if something is appropriate, it more likely than not isn't. You're clearly asking on this forum if it's appropriate because you think you might be judged for wearing it. Think of it as risk / reward: Is it worth wearing whatever jewelry for a day and risking someone judging you for it and then having that permanently affect their judgment of you vs. whatever upside there is in wearing it? Everyone is in the same tax bracket so the luxury appeal (you're not signalling financial superiority) isn't there and most people (though I did date the girl i sat next to at GS) aren't looking to date at the office, so I can't see why that angle would be in play either. 

Smallest dogs bark the loudest. If I think you're attractive, a Cartier bracelet or Hermes bag won't change that and if you're not attractive I just get a weird vibe from you for doing that. I just don't see any upside to it vs. the downside risks to perception and reputation. 

I do enjoy heels though on women :). That's fair game in my book lol. 


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