Co-operative learning initiative

I'm an undergrad interested in trading and taking an auto-didactic approach to learning the required knowledge. What I propose is similar to a book club, have a weekly topic, such as researching different regions (Middle East, Russia, Asia), investment products, quant-based skills - data analysis and programming. Topics could then be discussed, be it on WSO or privately.

For the older members of WSO, help with topics and creating somewhat of a syllabus would be very helpful; or alternatively, guidance on how best to learn.


Hey Yellowcake1, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot and I am sad to say, but this thread is lonely, so thought I'd post in here to try and help out. Some potential topics that might help:

  • Week 4 of IBD Internship: Initiation intern would have been seated and hard at work by 9:00 AM, but by now most of us had learned that the ... made. Back in the mix were a few pages the team had initially nixed; I figured they'd probably be ... "Pretty well. I've learned a lot and I think I've done a decent job on my staffings so I'm ...
  • My advice on an initial call with a VC foremost, you must understand the purpose of an initial call is to simply learn about each other. 99/100 ... we're doing due diligence. We just want to learn- we're not going to go out and talk about you. ... a desire to learn. After the Call We talk with a ton of people and the fund partners talk with even more. ...
  • Any Interest in Machine Learning Content? python / data science / machine learning and patented two algorithms, one of which is my firm's ... first client-facing machine learning algorithm and has been used to advise 15+ Fortune 500 companies ... since completion in January of this year. Machine learning was a huge differentiator for me, landing me ...
  • 5 years ago, I was fired from Oliver Wyman. This is what I learned from it. I thought I'd take the time to give you 5 learnings I took from being fired and then turning it around ... and shit at Excel. I kept blaming my initial few projects, where I either used SAS or didn't have ... office and learn. It is embarrassing in consulting to be bad at Excel, but it is debilitatingly (is that ...
  • What I Learned From Lying On My Resume very few connections to Wall Street, but consider myself an above average networker. 3) I learned more ... research on my own. Through online research and reading forums such as this one, I learned that there were ... about every alumni who had responded to my initial outreaches became aware of this after having ...
  • HELP- Asking for a SA offer back after initially declining it group specific offer. Fast forward 2 months, shit kinda goes down. I just learned from a friend there ... convinced me so hard to join their team instead of the EB. Guess I learned the hard way how the finance ...
  • Brexit Wins- What You Need To Know arrangements for future relations, from trade to co-operation on security or law enforcement. This is a more ...
  • More suggestions...

No promises, but maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: ג'ף-בור׳סוב walterjanderson farjad.mir

Hope that helps.

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