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Let me start by saying that I am a highly competitive person who is truly willing to do everything to achieve something, and patient.
I am 25 and I have always loved the concept of investing and especially the financial markets, so I have always believed that this could be the right path for me.

A little more about me : BSc no target, MSc Target (Europe), Big 4 Intern. 
My fear is that the advent of technologies and the advent of quantitative funds will be completely different and my added value will be able to meet the needs of the sector. More specifically, I am not a quant, I have a normal level of mathematics I would define, I just have a great love for the financial markets, curiosity, intense research to get what I want. I would need the vision of someone who knows how to come to terms with myself, my fear is that I don't know how much I should listen to my instincts and do what I like or avoid doing it due to my lack of more technical skills . I have absolutely no problems learning new skills, as mentioned I have a strong curiosity, I already know that I don't have Olympic medals in mathematics etc. but I think it's not all about that. Thanks if you read to the end.


whether the hedge fund sector will only be populated by mathematicians or scientists or will there also be space for those with average skills in this field but higher skills in other fields. How the sector will change, what the new requirements will be and what you recommend studying for those who would like to enter this sector


Hopefully this helps but I just spoke with a PM in traditional trading. Asked him the same question and he basically said in his experience both will stay. Hes found that people care a lot about fees and quants tend to charge higher fees. He also said that at the end of the day everyone has access to the same information unless (insider trading). His point was basically that you need to tell the client a story and hes found that its a lot harder for quants since they rely on algorithms and patterns vs traditional intuition. I know this is typed horribly but hopefully you get the point I’m making. I wrote this from memory while taking a shit so

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I think you may lack a nuance of understanding for the industry - nothing against you, but this is a classic question that everybody has asked for a long time (since the advent of quants decades ago...). This topic has been beaten to death in many forms, and while generative AI is a nice tool for a lot of things, it does not suddenly supplant a traditional fundamental analyst across a range of strategies. Innovations in AI/ML are always coming, and the quants have always been focused on improving here. The industry is facing different pressures within different sectors and strategies though, and we aren't suddenly at a moment where the industry is going away. If you have a passion for this stuff, there will always be a seat somewhere, whether that be in the salesmanship of a strategy to LPs, or contributing to the analysis and investment direction of the strategy itself. Humans will be here, and the most thoughtful and innovative of the bunch will be there to reap the rewards. But this is also not a cottage industry anymore - it is becoming ever more institutionalized and commoditized in some ways, and consolidation will continue. There is no longer a somewhat easily accessible path to quick riches here (not that it was ever THAT easy, but you get the idea). 


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