Trying to make a great impression. Coffee chat with smaller hedge fund.

Currently a sophomore studying Math at a decent state school and I've managed to get in contact with a manager of an independent shop in my hometown. Meaning under 10 employees total. Had no idea of it's existence until a grad from my school referred me. We plan to meet next week, so I think it's best to spend part of this weekend doing as follows: making a formal stock pitch and sending it over email, or doing a deep dive on the most recent 13F(which I can't find online currently) and asking intriguing questions about it once im there. Or becoming well-versed in current macro events(bank of japan, Chinese real estate etc.)which I think I will commit to doing regardless.
I feel incredibly fortunate to even have had an email back from this firm so,

What are your thoughts?

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AFoldingChair, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'd ping the guy/girl that referred you for pointers over anything anybody will tell you on WSO. Without knowing the details on the fund I can't give you a firm response on how to prepare. You're certainly on the right track though. Know their strategy, current holdings, and current world events for sure. Whether to send a formal stock pitch prior to the meeting or just have a 2-3 minute prepped pitch ready will come from the chat with your referral (but definitely have the latter in case it comes up). Best to pick a name that fits their strategy but that they don't hold.

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Reallyouthere, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I appreciate the advice. Very frustrating to only find D/A filings on their EDGAR profile. nor is their any info for holdings on their website. If you have any notion towards that end I am open to listening. Given that, i'll just try to learn as much as I can on their strategy and views. My referral isn't getting back to me as well. Any tips on learning how to make a stock pitch? Thnx.

AFoldingChair, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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