Advice on Double Majors at a (prestigous?) Non-target

I'm about to go to Johns Hopkins University in the fall as a freshman. The general consensus I've seen on WSO is that our school is considered a non-target, despite being one of the more prestigious/brand-name ones (mainly bc our main focus is in the biomed/stem fields). Right now, I do not have a clear career goal yet, but I would like to keep my doors open for IB/Consulting. I would like to ask WSO's opinion on which of the following double major combinations would be the best for me. These are the double majors I am interested:

  1. Computer Science + Economics (most sellout combo lmao)
  2. Computer Science + International Studies (utilizes jhu's strength in international relations)
  3. Applied Mathematics and Statistics + Economics (applied math = data analytics?)
  4. Economics + Public Health (wondering if this could help break into healthcare ib/consulting)
  5. Economics + International Studies

I know that inevitably, no matter which school or what major you choose, networking is probably the best way to break into these fields. But I just want to maximize my odds. Thank you so much for all the help!

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May 20, 2022 - 6:21am
dafftt, what's your opinion? Comment below:

BBs (and MBB?) will say "any major". Some EBs/ MMs tend to ask for business/ finance/ economics/ accounting major. I have seen something similar for some type of Big 4 jobs. #2 may rule you out at some places for banking/ finance.

JHU is reputed for med and IR. If you are interested in IR, it seems like a good major only because you are not yet-another-compsci-econ applicant but, then again, while IR has a coolness factor, it comes down to how it builds your personal story and how you sell it at interviews.

If you have an interest in healthcare IB, leveraging JHU's brand for adding a science major might help. Healthcare IB has a few sectors - life sciences, medtech, payers, and providers. If, as an example, you want to zero in on life sciences, then a bio/ chem/ biomed/ etc major would increase your odds at all stages - resume screening, networking, and interviewing. Similar reasoning applies to any specific IB industry group of interest (though not all have an industry related major).

You seem to be aware of the challenges and you have started to plan ahead. Your odds of success are good. Plus if you are not a asian/ white male, your odds will improve a few notches. Don't forget to check out threads on freshman and sophomore internships. Line up internships with your interests so the sum total of activities and majors tells a strong, cogent story.

May 22, 2022 - 5:40am
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