An Ode To CS

Credit Suisse was a bank of great renown
A Swiss institution, with assets all around
But alas, its failure has become quite clear
And now its reputation is forever smeared

The bank had high hopes, and grand ambitions
But its risky practices led to grave consquences
Clients were left stranded, investors in dismay
And Credit Suisse's future began to fray

The first sign of trouble was the Greensill debacle
A scandal that shook the bank to its core
Credit Suisse has invested in a risky vehicle
And when it collapsed, it left the bank quite poor

The Archegos Fund was next in line
And Credit Suisse was caught in the bind
Its losses were massive, its reputation on the line
And investors started to flee in kind

The regulatory scrutiny came next
And Credit Suisse was in for a complex test
The bank's failures were laid bare for all to see
And it was clear that it was no longer free

The shareholders were left in a state of shock
As Credit Suisse's faliures continued to rock
The bank has lost its way, its future quite unclear
And its reputation was forever in fear

Credit Suisse was once a bank of great renown
But its failures have brought it to the ground
It will be soon acquired by a big Swiss name
In hopes of regaining the trust it has lost in shame

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen

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