Associate expects me to turn comments

Fresh lateral first year analyst from Big 4 here. Sometimes when I send PowerPoint  decks up the chain, my associate will send back comments on my work. It would be fine but then he expects me to make the changes to my work to get it right, and he doesn't offer to do any of it himself. That means I end up making text changes, updating font colors, researching on the internet for data and sources, even jumping into excel backups to modify and then re outputt to PowerPoint. 

He also expects me to address every single comment and review my work before I send it out. Because of this, some days I have to start working before 9 AM or stay at work past 8 PM. Even after iterating, we get comments from the VP and MDs on our work and they also expect me to make the changes and send calendar invitations to clients. Is this normal? Should I try and negotiate a raise?

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Anonymous Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Wtf man, that's not right. Honestly you should tell anyone but the MDs to F off if they give you comments. You and your director both aren't MDs so you're both basically junior bankers right?

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CharlesCheese, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Sounds brutal and definitely not market.  I would try to address with your staffer and definitely bring up during review season.

I know it doesn't help your situation but I've got a buddy who is an analyst and their associate sometimes asks them to take notes on calls.  You should take solace in the fact that others out there have it much much worse.  Godspeed!    

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10/10 this shit had me laughing 

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You should definitely flag any typo your Associates make when giving comments so that this can be a bilateral review process 

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You did the right thing by creating a thread about this. I'd say your associate is toeing the line by asking you to turn comments and correct your mistakes rather than doing it themselves. What would cross the line is them asking you to take notes on a call.

What a lot of these associates don't seem to understand is that the analyst job is to just take a first pass at something, submit it and be done. It's their job to go into the model and backups and fix the errors. When an analyst makes a typo or something it should be the associate that not only catches it but fixes it. 

9/10 shit post btw 

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But then you'd probably keep making the mistake.. sometimes 4am signoff is worth it if it changes 2am to 1am going forward bc you make less mistakes

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PPT Jockey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

those comments won't turn themselves man…big4 and no pay or IB and have to do work, sucks. Haven't seen a good opportunity comment yet hahah

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mergelord11, what's your opinion? Comment below:

This was written with the tone of a passive aggressive, perennial bottom bucket MBA associate whose entire value add is criticizing an analysts semicolon and hyphen usage after said A1 made the entire CIM themselves and then goes and reads ESPN and posts on WSO about how they're extremely disappointed in their analysts "lack of attention to detail"

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Analysts want to get to Bumble dates they thought theyd make at 5:30pm. Fuck no homie, you ain't leaving the sweat shop that early. We have more Mumbai (Salt Lake City if you're GS) requests to send out.

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Thank you for finally calling out this endemic bullshit in our industry. In the time it takes associates to give me comments, they could have just fixed the shit themselves. I'm swamped being a fínànce hardo online, I don't have time to do that crap.

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What a rookie, when associate gives you comments, he doesnt mean for you to turn it, he wants you to review his comments (and add as necessary) and pass the comments to the Indian offshore team to do the needful.

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LOL good one. Although if you really are from a big 4 you'd stay fucking past 8pm for that free meal. Otherwise golden.

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leveredloser, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Have you tried tipping your MD?

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Christian Suing, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I did a PE internship and the associate asked the INTERN to turn in comments or make changes to a deck. The analysts (2 or 3) were expected to lead due diligence calls or travel to investor global summits to network and bring in deals for the firm.

I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. Me and my current firm's prayers are with you :)

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