Breaking into IB as an analyst

I'm a graduating senior at top 10 target university (think UChicago, Columbia, Duke) and, for my 2022 SA, I interned at a BB in their commercial banking division. Received the full-time offer and I accepted it given that it was an exploding offer and I didn't have any other offers / wasn't really active in other processes at the time. 

TBH for most of college, I didn't really care to plan out my career path or bother thinking about it much, so I was really late when it came to the realization that I would need to work in IB to break into some of the roles that I would like to eventually work in. 

Given my background, is it possible to make a lateral move to a decent LMM/MM IB after a year or so in BB commercial banking? If it is possible, when would be the most ideal time to try to make the lateral and how should I go about making this transition. 

Thanks everyone!!

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