Bucknell Econ major in IB

 I am a senior at founders league boarding school with the hopes of working in IB when I am older. I did ED to Bucknell for finance but was given a spot in the college of arts & sciences. Currently set for a history major but will most likely switch to Econ and try to take some finance/accounting classes while I am there. Wondering how an Econ degree from Bucknell will hold up in recruiting? It seems that MS and Merrill recruit from Bucknell. Will also most likely try to join some sort of clubs in regard to finance to show interest. I am also applying to the University of Minnesota, Wisconsin (most likely will be accepted), and Notre Dame. I have used my prep school background to connect with people on Wall Street from schools such as Cornell, Columbia, Middlebury, and Notre Dame. Hoping to transfer out of Bucknell after a year or two into Cornell economics program. I already have connected with two Cornell alums who work in IB and real estate. Just wanted to get opinions on my situation.

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MKomo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Actually no my father is an immigrant from Poland and my mother is from a rural town in North Dakota (where I was raised to). We are not poor or even low middle class by any means but I would definitely say we do not come from money. I was only able to attend boarding school through financial aid from lacrosse.

big_stepper222, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I didn't mean like that but my point was proven you prob went to a boarding school. Like not to sterotype but everyone I know who went/goes to bucknell went to a boarding school and wants to do finance so you should be good because they are well connected

Staul, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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