Investment Banking Associate to MM/BB Analyst

Hi All,

I am an associate at a LMM boutique investment bank. I worked my way up the ranks fairly quickly just based on my transaction experience (I got promoted to associate after 17 months). Is it possible to lateral to a MM/BB shop as an analyst? Does being an associate hurt me in a recruiting aspect? I am not sure if this a stupid question, anything helps. Thank you!

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Joey Gabagool, what's your opinion? Comment below:

A) You're an Analyst, I don't care what your 5-person sell-side pitch shop calls you

B) It is possible but unlikely coming from a shit boutique

C) Yes it will hurt you. Banks would rather higher true Analysts that are coachable than some stuck up jerk that thinks he's better than his coworkers because he worked at a shit boutique that buffed his ego by calling him an "Associate" even though he's only got 1 year of experience

D) I bet you gave your MD a ton of naked massages to get that promotion lmaoooooo

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mcmd, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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