Lateral Case Studies

How important are the case studies? I keep hearing about MM banks sending these out.

Would minor details kill you if you say missed one or two cells in a model or accidentally put a semi colon instead of a period in a writeup under a time constraint?

Obviously it depends on the resume/person, but curious as to how much emphasis is placed on the case studies. Is it more of a check the box ordeal?

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Define make or break. Does even 90% correct make the cut?

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I would disagree. The ones I have gotten for lateral analysts (both BB and MM) I've moved on past the case study with errors in it. They seemed to understand the time constraint and weren't looking for something perfect in 2 hours or whatever the time constraint is. They seemed to be more focused on if you understood the concepts and had excel competency

I had one for a BB where they wanted to do a 10-15 minute debrief on a 5-Yr DCF and EV calyx stuff (like factoring in RSUs, converts, etc). The analyst I did it with ended up grilling me for like 50 minutes and I think a third of them I answered wrong or couldn't even answer and I moved past the case study and got an offer in that one somehow. Anyways maybe I got lucky but I felt like when I did them they were looking for more an understanding that you know how to do this and not that the model was perfect or had perfect assumptions, etc

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What kind of errors are we talking? Math, logic, or writing/spelling?

If you don't mind me asking, what was your background before lateraling? Curious if this made a difference.

ibwannabe09, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Would love any lateral case studies you'd be willing to share. Got into a decent bank and will be starting in June but not where I wanted to land and want to prep for any lateral opportunities

ALondonMonkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I've made some errors and made it to the next round. My feedback was actually good, surprisingly the standards are quite low and many people fail to even finish the case.

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Mind if I ask what mistakes you made? I'm a bit worried about one I did the other day

thekooks123, what's your opinion? Comment below:

hey OP, I am going through a lateral case study myself. Did you already have one/present? 

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anyone mind explaing what a case study means? Is it more so like a real deal is given and you have to run through the model/valuation and create a deck? Work in product group so would appreciate help! 

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Can you PM me? It won't let me message you for some reason

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You can find Evercore's case study online.

Search this exactly (with the quotes included) on Google: "evercore 2021 lateral case study"

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Do you know if there is a completed version of the template anywhere?

emilio291, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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