Morgan Stanley Hirevue


I am currently applying for the summer analyst role (APAC region) in Morgan Stanley for 2024 and was curious about the hiring process. Does everyone receive a hirevue interview after the online assessment? I was sure that I would get rejected because I think I messed up my numerical reasoning part but I just received an email asking me to complete the hirevue interview. Thank you in advance!


Okay I might not be the most knowledgeable but from what I know HireVue is like a base virtual interview that they require. Once you are done with that you shall recieve a in-person interview if you qualify and then final offer letter but I maybe wrong.



What kind of questions did you get for the Hirevue? Were they mostly behavioural or technical? I heard they also ask to answer the questions in the language of the office you are applying to.


There were 2 technical questions and 3 competency questions with the last question requiring me to answer in an Asian language. However, you can answer it in English if you don't speak any Asian languages. Overall, I had a hard time answering because I do not have a finance background.


Sure, but keep in mind that the questions can be different depending on the region. You get one chance to redo for each question.

1. What sector of business is trending and why it interests you

2. Why would two companies in the same industry and with the same risk and growth profile have different trading multiples?

3. How do you value a sports team?

4. If you did not get into IB, do you have other plans? What alternative jobs would you be pursuing? (for this question I don't remember the exact wording but something like this)

5. Tell us about a recent project that you did that requires high technical skills and how that skill can be used in IB

Hope it helps you get an IB job


Jumping pretty late into this, I just need to ask one question. Do you get a retake for each question or just one attempt? 


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