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Hi All,
I have a strong interest in banking and politics. I've secured an IB summer analyst position for next summer. However, I'm also looking to weave some economic, foreign policy, or intelligence analysis experience into my repertoire. There is optionality with think tanks, independent research consultant groups, and more. How should I go about this process?

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If your interest is in both banking and politics then maybe try to re-label that as Economics and Politics. Focus more on Development Economics as it’s closely tied to foreign policy and macro. Most people who work for the big reconstruction banks did that. You have stuff like the EBRD in Europe or IMF/WB from which I guess could spin a career in politics.

I could be talking complete nonsense but IB is just a different sub-branch under the umbrella of the “economy” if you will. I know this as I started my first year of collage with a strong interest in the IMF. I later just got an appetite for finance and the training I did for that IMF/WB Route helped a lot since it was maths and stats heavy, but really if you want to go into politics etc, imo IB just isn’t rly the thing unless you want to end up in politics WAYY down the line. If you want to get on early, get into research, get heavy into the maths, go for anything that advertises itself as “economic and financial consulting” for the gov.

Simple example from my experience: I was looking for a job with the IMF and in the economist position they wanted you to be a PhD candidate as a minimum. This was 2 years ago now, so you’re in for the long run if that’s what you really want to do.

Again all of this is my opinion and knowledge I’ve acquired but I hope it helps.


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