Reapplying to same firms next year

For 2023 SA recruiting, I was really late to the game and only 2 weeks ago did I apply to all the banks (BBs, EBs, MMs, etc), so I know that my chances of landing a solid SA 2023 role are very low at this point. As such, I'm planning to extend my graduation by one year (May 2024 --> May 2025) to have another shot at SA recruiting next year. 

However, I'm concerned that, if I reapply next year with the May 2025 graduation, banks might look down on me as I'm sure they can see on their application records that I applied last year and was rejected. They may also question me on why it took me 5 years to graduate from undergrad. 

Do banks care enough to notice these things and would they consider it shady that a candidate purposely delayed graduation by a year to re-recruit for SA positions?  


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Peace in Life, what's your opinion? Comment below:

No they don't I can attest to this. From personal exp, wherever you apply now while in collage has no impact on your future chances of breaking into that firm, some even encourage this as you clearly demonstrated interest in the past and just wasn't ready or didn't have the right connections. At EB, as long as you didn't offend someone personally to get blacklisted everything's chill. At BB, no body cares they receive 100k+ applications each year and HR constantly rotates. (PE interview down the line is one shot only fyi). Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I think I'm more concerned about the fact that, if I apply for SA again with a different / delayed graduation date, banks might perceive this as shady and that I'm just doing this to get another chance at recruiting. Do you think that this (changing grad dates) would be something the banks/firms would be concerned about / perceive in a negative light?

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Not at all, most firms would never ask and if they do, you can tweak it by saying considerations of study abroad or second major (I did exactly this and delayed graduation)

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Gotcha. I'll prob just add on a major so I'll say that if asked.  Thanks so much for your insights! This was very helpful!

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