Series 79 with STC

Hi everyone - I am studying for series topoff 79 with STC. I have already passed SIE but was wondering what is the best strategy to study for series 79? I just want to know how many of the questions were on the actual M&A Valuation and Corp Finance (CAPM, WACC, Shares o/s etc) vs the regulations and forms etc. STC says 50% of the exam is all valuation/math questions but wanted some kind of verification from a test taker who has recently taken the exam. Thank you!!

Took it a year ago and understand it has recently changed. Honestly try and get the Knopfmen (?) study materials instead of the STC as the STC questions were not that similar in terms of wording compared to the test. The practice exams for STC were the most helpful part! I read the book a few times through, made flash cards for the various rules to memorize stuff like how many days do you have for this, different sections of this rule, etc.

As someone who had a chance to use both KM and STC, here are my 2 cents:

KM: I used KM for Series 7 and SIE. Loved their test bank (powered by Kaplan Scheweser, ample question bank, with one of the best analytic capacity.) However, I thought the question bank questions are often redundant and a bit easy compared to the actual exam. If you are someone who likes to rely on mock exams for exam prep – this is not the most ideal option.

STC: Compare to KM, I like how its written exam manual was more straight to the point. Drawback: their test banks are horribly organized, hard to create a custom quiz, and hard to track your performance. But the questions were more demanding than the actual exam – this def helps you to learn the material with a greater granularity and help you ace the exam. I used STC to study Series 66.

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