Wall St Prep/Matan Feldman Zoom Trial for Theft of IP - March 4

As per my previous post challenging Matan Feldman to a Zoom trial where we go slide by slide to demonstrate his theft of my intellectual property and breach of our contract that clearly states I own IP. While I reserve my rights to pursue him in a court of law, I will forego those if he is willing to appear an do a slide by slide explanation of how he miraculously came up with content uncannily similar to mine just after receiving all my materials as part of our development agreement. I will hold a Trial via Zoom on March 4, 2022 at 3pm. If he fails to show he will be tried in absentia. Call him and encourage him to be held to account 617-694-7786 or email [email protected]wallstreetprep.com

Matan has never worked in distressed or Rx but has slides with titles similar to mine including Competing Stakeholder Interests (which he just changed today to How Stakeholders May React To The Restructuring Plan, but I have it screen shot, vs min Competing Creditor Interests. And my Determinants of Credit Quality and his Determinants of Priority.   Or his vs Distressed Debt Holder Perspective which is a rip of my slide that gives the views of par holders vs distressed holders in a willingness to restructure or kick the can. Call Matan and encourage him to face his customers who are largely IB and Rx analysts and explain himself. Why is he already changing slide titles on his site after 1 day. I have screen shot them already, but shows how low he will go.

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Feb 13, 2022 - 10:14pm
tbpickens1999, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Go Maud'Dib. PM me a Zoom Link, I will attend his trial. I already told my friends what Matan/WSP did. They all thinks its slimy. And changing the titles already seems to be a clear indicator of guilt. Smart move screenshotting them. 

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:19pm
gracepref, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You have been on a tear today Maud'Dib. He really got under your skin. I agree with Tbpickens, changing his slide title from Competing Stakeholder Interests to How Stakeholders May React To The Restructuring Plan, is highly suspect and is pretty evident that he has a guilty conscience. I will attend the Zoom trial, I am pretty sure it will be in absentia. Very ironic since generally only guilty people who flee are tried in absentia in the real world. Not sure what a Zoom conviction does, people will still buy WSPs packages, but at least you prove your point.  

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Feb 13, 2022 - 10:23pm

Out of the Loop here. 

Edit: nvm read your other posts. Anyway, TTS 4eva <3

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:24pm
jtmarlin777, what's your opinion? Comment below:

So you said you took a screenshot of Matan's titles prior to the change? That was pretty good thinking. I am a lawyer and did not think about that. That should be pretty persuasive in terms of encouraging him to settle with you though. He is never showing up for your trial, and you said twice you tried to buy his materials and they never sent them yesterday, you think he has a block on your email. I suggest creating a new email asap. I am sure he is changing the slides as we speak and you need to advise him not to alter or destroy any records since litigation may be pending as well.

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:31pm
Muad'dib, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Yes I have screen shots and both Matan and his attorney of record were sent a notice yesterday of a litigation hold and advised that they were required to preserve all records both written and electronic related to my materials and our discussions. He has now violated the lit hold, which will not look good for him in court. The courts take seriously evidence tampering. Matan is like Nixon deleting 18 minutes of tape when everyone already knows he is guilty!! What is the point, and he is exposing himself to seriously liability. Clearly not someone who should be instruction on bankruptcy, distressed debt and credit. Altering the slide title was the best thing he could have done. Besides he has a dozen titles, or section titles really since I do not have his slides yet. I will get them in discovery if I dont get someone to buy them. He thinks he is clever, but things live forever on the internet and I can subpoena prior versions. He is actually encouraging me to pursue the litigation route since he clearly is concerned about being exposed as a theif.

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:37pm
jtmarlin777, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You should have been a plaintiff's lawyer, you are like a dog with a bone. I guess you have to protect what you built. Most people would just roll over and say what are you going to do about it. Plagiarism is rampant nowadays and no one thinks anything of it. I saw in the slides you sent me that you attributed Lazard, Kirkland, Haynes and Boone et al. So not sure why Matan would not have attributed it to you and protected himself. Most of your stuff is in public domain and if you attribute you probably stay just a shade to right side of it. 

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:44pm
gracepref, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Yes I got the slides from JT and you do give attribution to several firms, and that is the way to do it. Definitely speaks volumes about your character vs Matan's. I am not a lawyer, but have done enough litigation to know that you do not alter records after receiving a lit hold, and if his lawyer was on notice that looks bad. I wonder if he will try and more, it sits on his web server so he can do what he wants, then you need to go find prior versions etc. Sounds like a lot of discovery expense. How many presentations do you think he is selling? Cannot be that much. Litigation will cost him $600 an hour for an avg litigator and he gets $399 a presentation, so he needs to sell a presentation for every hour his lawyer works. Going to court is not economical for him, seems like his lawyer will advise him to settle. 

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:49pm
gracepref, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Yes he should definitely consider the costs of litigation, that is why my Zoom offer is still an attractive option. I do not think he sells that many of them, but you never know. Maybe he is selling thousands of them a year and making $1mm off it, so I would consider a settlement. I went into this just hoping to find a platform for my materials that took the administrative hassles out of my hands, that is why this is so frustrating. Wall Street Training pulled a similar move in 2014. He took a slide where I used rectangles to represent layers in cap structure and he used triangles and claimed he came up with it independently. I let it go, and no one really uses his site. WSP has a big following, and I did not have a contract with Training, Matan and I had a contract so totally different ball game. 

Feb 13, 2022 - 10:53pm
tbpickens1999, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I think WSP sells a fair amount of the Rx webinars. There are a lot of people trying to get Rx jobs and most schools outside Wharton do not cover it. So I bet he is making some serious coin at $399 a pres, he is probably selling 500-1000 minimum per year. That is for doing nothing, they just sit there and earn money like a cash register. Whether you care about the principle more or not, on principle you cannot let Matan put $400k a year in his pocket as an annuity. 

  • Incoming Analyst in IB-M&A
Feb 13, 2022 - 11:48pm

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