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Hello WSO,

Since my last post, I was admitted to Wharton as a transfer student. I am currently at a west coast semi-target (think USC/UCLA/Berkeley), am looking to transfer, and am between these two schools.

I am interested in recruiting for IB as well as MFPE/HF. While I know Wharton has been near unbeatable for placement, I have heard that competition and diversification efforts from employers have hurt placements in recent years. Is Wharton still as dominant as it has been? How competitive is recruiting from there? How does UChicago compare?

Also, academics are important to me. I enjoy learning and do not want to go to a school that is exclusively preprofessional. Do students have a passion for learning at Penn/Wharton? How are in-class discussions?

How are the social scenes by comparison? Is one far more fun/social? Any advice from transfers to either place would be appreciated.

Finally, how are the finance clubs at each school? Would they be incredibly competitive for sophomores? Would love to hear what each of you would do in my shoes. Thanks


Wharton/Penn is more fun and social (greek scene, etc.), and for finance, the placement is 1000x better than UChicago. I’d take Wharton and never look back.


Are you in banking or an investing role? Where did you go to undergrad? 

You make highly questionable assertions under just about every school decision post


I’m not here to dox myself. If I post my opinions, it’s just to try and help others. People always have a right to disagree if they want to, especially if they’ve had experiences that lead them to (which I am always happy to hear about). That being said, I don’t see how telling someone to attend Wharton is questionable. 


fwiw, 90% of people I know who recruit with good stats and exp get something at UChicago, can't say the same at Wharton if your non diverse


Agree that overall placements are a tier better at W. W is the premier undergrad finance school in the world. I just think there is something to be said about going to a school where 600 kids compete for the same job. I’d personally take any non brown/cornell ivy or duke/uchi/Stanford/mit over W. If you’re confident you are that guy—then W is an obvious pick. I’m mid tier tho


Anyone who knows me knows I am 1000% a UC shill. That being said, Take Wharton. There is no better for you to go to. Join the top clubs work hard network yada yada yada you know the drill your on WSO for a reason. You get to study finance not econ, the MBA tie in is better, larger alumni network, closer to NYC, and better clubs to join. Plain and Simple Wharton is better. Is the best. Yes UC is becoming more pre professional, the Booth MBA is starting to place into MFPE, and the new MSF program gives a second shot if you screw up recruiting. All of that still doesn't beat Wharton. The only exception I would add to this is if you are split between quant finance and IB then pick UC. However I do not believe you to be in this position. Go with Wharton and best of luck!


Thank you. I am still up and coming and when I'm speaking I have the logical explanation for me reasoning however I don't have the experience to feel confident in it. Any tips on how to overcome that feeling?

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Wtf is going on here. There is no debate, Wharton is better across the board. Placement, network, name recognition, even experience.

It’s ridiculous that people are trying to mislead some poor, unknowing teenager just to stroke their own ego. There are zero objective, measurable metrics that put UChicago above Wharton. Alright that’s an exaggeration, if you want to work for a Chicago-based hedge fund, then UChicago comes out ahead. Nothing else.


How about strikeout percentage? Obviously difficult to measure, but would be very interested to see if Wharton has a higher rate than UChicago


Uchicago kids got rejected by HYPSM+W in REA+ED, and then subsequently got into Uchicago for ED2 because it was their best option at the time and they also didn't have the balls to take more risk in RD. However, they always cope to be in the HYPSM+W tier, so they have to justify it here.


Basically, if you're dead set on finance, go to Wharton. If you want a more classical liberal arts education, I'd lean towards UChicago.


I think Chicago if your gonna want like a true education but if your set on IB then Wharton. Personally I chose Chicago because I truly don’t know if I am set on IB especially with all of the craziness happening there right now.


Haven’t met anyone from Chicago who I didn’t think was a total nerd. Wharton undergrad is always super impressive


Uchicago is a school where all the kids are HYPSM and Ivy+ schools with no ED2 rejects. They mainly get rejected because they don't have a life aside from studying. Imagine how cutthroat is the environment there. When your GPA get fucked up due to the GPA deflation and bunch of 1550+ tryhards, you gonna end up at RBC


Wharton, easily. More prestigious, better recruiting, more fun, more attractive student body, etc etc


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