Winter Internship Programmes - Australia

Hi guys,

For context, I live in the UK but have an Australian passport. I have internship experience in IB and will start an OC stint later this year. I'm aiming to do a Winter internship beforehand in June / July and spend some time with my family. Does anyone know how competitive my application will be vs domestic candidates? Are the programmes much more competitive in general (vs SA roles)? Also, does anyone have a list of firms (IB or PE) that offer Winter Internships? 


Bump - am also Aussie living (+ studying) in London,

Interested to find out more about winter internships...

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I think they are offered by JP Morgan, MA Financial, Luminis Partners, Greenhilll, [Allier], Macquaire, Morgan Stanley, Citi. I think that’s pretty much it. Some have conditions around degree / gender and I believe open soon.

Probably no more or less competitive than summer internships but might differ based on who you ask. Worth noting that some are winter and summer programs so if you’re only intended to do a winter that could be a potential roadblock.

Don’t know about receptiveness to those studying internationally but can’t see why that would an issue assuming you convince them you want to come home.

Thanks, are these only for penultimate/final year students? 

Anyone have info on the Australian Summer Programs? Are they the same as the winter programs just in nov-jan?

Typically Nov-Jan, but a lot more spots open than winter. Apps usually close August I think, best way to secure a summer is to get a winter, or get into the insights programs/case comps that banks run in the months leading up to summer apps closing

I started studying in the UK (online) this past august and am due to graduate in nov 2025, 

Am a bit confused regarding what the schedule is for internships,

Ideally I would want to do spring week in the UK this year (april 2023), then a (UK) summer internship in 2024 and 2025,

But would love to also intern in Australia, either this summer (June-July) or in the Aussie summer (nov-jan) in 2024 and 2025.

Would such a schedule be (theoretically) possible? I am unsure if I would qualify for the different programmes due to the different academic year schedules.. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Banks hire winters then pretty much 90% of winter interns go elsewhere for summer

Seems so pointless

why is that? does having a winter internship pave the way for a summer internship at a better bank?

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