Am I fucked?

Hi all,

I just found out the job that I was planning to do after college won't work out so I have to go and find a new job.

I am graduating from a top 20 b-school, I have worked 2 jobs through college (financial services) as I needed to fund college, bc of this I couldn't rly focus on getting a good GPA as well, so its 2.8 ish. I am also a international student and graduating in 2 months. 

Now I have applied to a lot of jobs in tech sales, financial sales, financial advisory, investment banking, etc etc. I am interested in sales and finance, I want to setup a good ground and also land a job. I have applied to a bunch of jobs but it seems like I am late to the party. Does anyone have any advice to what I should do?


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mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Are you on F1?
You need to remain in status.. so:

1) OPT sponsor, quickly. It doesn't matter what, as long as it won't push you into the USCIS grace period.
2) If you can't get that, another degree on F1. You need to do the visa procedure in your home country and then come back. Masters or another degree like that.
3) If that also doesn't work, Day 1 OPT as a measure of last resort, not ideal though. Try 1) - 2) first.
Day 1 OPT can put you at risk with USCIS, so be careful with this.
4) If you  have a girlfriend who happens to be a USC and if it's serious between the two of you... maybe marry her a few years earlier.

If the degree/school is good enough, you might be able to get an interim solution in Canada, but make sure you are in the EE pool yesterday. There aren't many jobs in Canada to begin with, so I doubt this will be a realistic scenario.

Good luck.

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Is there a good way or database to see which programs provide OPT?

mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

There are tons of lists online, i.e.

h1b/perm reports

All of this is also visible through SEVIS, always contact the international student department first (at your college) - much better than WSO in these areas.

mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

OP is from another culture. It is more common among immigrants to marry earlier, depending on their native tradition.
I am not saying and will never say that someone should marry for a green card.

But some of the people I know from foreign nations "are expected" to marry sooner rather than later. OP, if applicable, could combine the practical aspects with the business ones.

that's all I am saying.

ps I am not married myself.

aurelius23, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hi, thanks for your reply! Yeah I am applying for some stuff in Canada as well. Deff will consider some of the other options if things doesnt work out. But I think what im more looking for is if you guys have any insight to other type of ways to get in the door. Like headhunters? Etc

mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

direct route: hit up employers, either through network or the website
Headhunters are  helpful if you have something they are looking for. they work for the client, not you.

This isn't the best of times for recruitment into banking.
If nothing works, try the worst locations like addecco. at least you can stay in the country then.

aurelius23, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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