Consulting over IB?

I'm a senior at a HYP school studying computer science--I did a EB internship this summer and got a full time return offer. I had a decent time, however its definitely not what I want to do full time. I rerecruited for consulting and ended up getting an MBB offer. 

Should I take the MBB offer over this EB? The only reason I'd want to do finance is to eventually work at a Tiger Cub style shop. However, I have many, many other interests and passions--I'm not a finance hardo in the slightest. Particularly, I'm really interested in working at/starting startups. A friend and I raised a seed round for a past startup that sadly didn't take off, but I've never had as much fun as I did working at that startup. 

Working at MBB for a year seems to leave almost all options open--startup, VC, PE, even HF. Am I wrong in thinking that this might be the better path for me? 

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