How to transition from HR to Finance

Hi everyone,

I am based in Switzerland since 5 months ago, after being graduated with a top 15 MSc in Management at the beginning of 2022. Have been working in recruitment and HR for 1'5 years in total, and I don't find it fullfilling at all, I think I followed this path cause was the one in what they offered me the best opportunity after graduating.

I have worked for big international companies, now being a HRBP assistant in an IT company for the aviation industry, but I am not convinced of being in this type of roles for all my career.

However, I haven't explore finance roles as much as I should, mainly cause I was afraid of not being good enough on the maths side. Not that I am super bad, but I won't never by great at that. I have always loved the financial markets, and everythign related to investment; it is really a topic that I even like to explore in my free time.

I dediced that I will try luck on pursuing a career in a bank or financial institution in the near future, but I don't feel prepared at all, and I am not sure of which role would be a good fit for me. I thought a lot about client relationship, as my main strenght is stakeholder management and engagement, but I am open to other possibilities.

My question is: knowing about my background in HR, what do you think are the best next steps/plan that I can follow to land a role in a financial institution? Any particular skills, knowledge or courses that I would need to develop before applying? Maybe try to join in a HR department of a finance company and then try to move internally? Try to reach out to people working there in order to try to land an entry-level position (which I see really difficult) and then learn the stuff by doing the job?

Thank you so much in advance, really looking forward to any advice!

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  • Financial Technology Partners (▽01) 98.2%
  • William Blair (▲10) 97.7%

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