I will get a £50k-£60k loan to do my master's in the UK. And I have a couple of questions...


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I guess the recruiters went cold turkey

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monkeyineurope, what's your opinion? Comment below:

On question 1: I believe so, I haven't done a masters on the UK but I believe that if you do you are granted a visa to work for a few years after you finish your masters. BBs and other large banks will also sponsor you if they hire you as it isn't a more complicated process than sponsoring EU students (which they do all the time). Not likely that you will get hired by any PE firms, BX is the only firm that consistently hires Analysts in Europe (very few, maybe 3/4 for each REPE and Corporate PE and 1 for Infra). You have a good profile however to get hired by BX or any of the other PE firms that hire analysts from time to time you need a stellar profile (past internships at BB/MBB, top uni, amazing grades, and a lot of luck)

On question 2: I think this has been covered on the forum a few times already, you can move back but is not that easy at some firms. You should do your research on which firms are more likely to let you move between offices. I believe that if you get into a top bank in Dubai and you are really keen on moving back to London you will eventually get the opportunity so I wouldn't be overly worried if you are okay with living in Dubai for a few years. Moving to the US is a lot more unlikely though and is basically only possible through an internal transfer.

On question 3: LBS and LSE both seem like good options to me. You could also try HEC as it has impressive placement. Bocconi would also be a great option although a bit weaker that the other 3 I believe.

Happy to answer any question and best of luck!

American Dream, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Avoid Bocconi, it's so academics focused that you won't have time to prepare for interviews. Also, when choosing a degree, assume that maybe you won't get in London and thus would need to search for opportunities in the local market. In Italy, even with a Bocconi degree, many people work at Big 4 or some shitty local banks (Unicredit or Intessa) because of few IB/PE spots + nepotism involved.

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1. Yes. You have 2 years to stay legally in the UK after completing a degree on UK soil, so you can definitely get a job and more so a temporary one (off-cycle, etc.). If you do well and plan to stay with the company, the company will also sponsor your visa (it only costs them £50 and some minor administrative stuff). 

2. I'm pretty sure there are people with fluent Arabic and good schools in the UK who also target Dubai, so it could be competitive considering that you don't have Arabic on your CV.

3. Doing a top MBA in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe. The one from the US may be more flexible geographically, with Canada/Australia most probably you'll remain in those countries during your first 3 - 5 years before being able to lateral to a US office, and with a European one you would target IB/PE in London/Paris/Frankfurt. Also, an MFin in Germany could open doors to DB/UBS/CS or foreign IB/PE established in DACH (GS, KKR, HL, etc.), but you'll need to reach B2/C1 in German for FO roles (except Portfolio Mgt.). I'm not aware of how top French MFin place.

Dream27, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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