Interview in London vs FFM

Is it only me or are interviews in LDN, and processes in general way easier compared to Frankfurt (perhaps all of mainland europe)

In germany I applied to a european balance sheet bank and they gave me 3 rounds with 2 1h interviews each where I was absolutely grilled on technicals, guys started asking me about PIK interest and how IFRS 16 would specifically impact company X's performance. Apparently some of the MM which are big in sellside PE require you do like 3h modeling tests or some shit.

In London I got an offer for 2 BB internships with just 1 online test (which takes about 15min and is rather easy to prepare for), 2 phone interviews which were basically just a chat about the weather and some motivation and an AC with a small case study (again not too terrible to prepare for given the large amount of resources out there) and 2 more interviews which again were basically just the "tell me about a time" questions. 

Does anyone else feel the same? With these super in depth technicals I felt as I had no way to prepare for everything they might ask while with the behaviorals if you had your standard set of 10 or so stories lined up you could basically apply them to any possible question.

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scandicmonkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Same in the Nordics. Three-hour interview sessions with modeling tests, and deep technical and market questions. Some banks even give over-the-weekend case studies.

Top tier BB in London was the simplest interview I ever had - the biggest challenge is getting the interview in the first place. 

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definitely but I feel with the tests you can REASONABLY well prepare so I kinda also liked that more than in Germany but here its way more focus on certain unis so a tradeoff i guess

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This is a combination of 1) Students being much better prepared in continental Europe (older, have masters degrees, other finance experiences) 2) however there are a lot more applicants in London and much less in Central Europe. 

PEdealjunkie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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