Late to a Networking Call - Advice

Hi everyone.

I scheduled a networking call with a VP at a BB’s Wealth Management division but I overslept and woke up at 10:06 for a 10 am call. I joined the Zoom link disoriented and blamed technical issues and turns out my microphone wasn’t working well either, so we switched to a phone call but we only talked for 20 minutes as a result. I was pretty disoriented during the call and wasn’t able to ask very good questions because I was still waking up.

Do you think I completely botched it? Should I apologize for the lateness or just not mention it in my thank you email? Should I ask about scheduling another call where I can be better prepared? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Just send a thank you note and move on. Definitely do not apologize and I personally do not have thick enough skin to schedule another call with a person where I shat the bed. But if you can stomach it go for it.

You botched it. Just make a better effort next time with setting the right alarms to get you up. Showing up on time is an essential trait.

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