Leveraging SA2023 offer for London

Currently recruiting for SA2023 in London and have received a SA2023 offer at a large regional bank. I accepted the offer as a back-up, but my ambition is to get an offer from a BB. Currently in the process with all the BBs but haven't gotten to the interview stage with any of them yet. My idea was to leverage my offer to try speeding up the process. I also felt confident that I should at least get a few interviews given that I go to a target and have prior internships in IB and at one of the largest European PE firms. However, when I tell HR at BBs that I received another offer that I didn't sign yet, but would rather pursue a career with their bank and asking about the status and timeline of my application I just receive some answer in the line with "We are unable to advise on the recruitment timeline". Does this mean they're not interested and will ding me or is this how it usually goes? Thanks. 

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First of all, you are not entitled to a BB IB SA offer, despite whatever offer you have at the moment. And I think you're coming across as impatient/entitled to HR. 

You cannot leverage an offer to get an interview, but you can leverage an offer whilst you're also at the final stage with another firm to expediate their process

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I don't think that I am entitled to anything. I do however think that given my prior experiences, my odds of at least getting interviews should be good. Obviously, what happens after the interviews depends purely on my ability to perform during interviews and not my prior experiences. Thanks for your input, it really does explain why my attempts to leverage my offer have been unsuccessful so far. 

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Sorry, I didn't mean to come off that harsh, I just wanted to explain how much of a potluck recruiting is.

I actually did an IBD internship at a BB. Recruiting again this year due to lack of headcount in my class (my performance was still good). I've gotten incomprehensible rejections from Fitch (my CV matched what they do almost exactly), Credit Suisse (lol) without interview or test. So I've learned not to think that I should expect anything nor believe in some game of chance.

The only time I have ever benefited and succeed from a game of chance is the likelihood of success from a Superday. First one isn't very likely, but by the 4th or 5th one it's much more likely than not.

Hope this is clear.

ajabaja05, what's your opinion? Comment below:

What was it like recruiting again after completing a BB internship? Did you get interviews at all of  GS/MS/JP?(Some MFs as well if you applied?), and also, target background? GPA? etc. Would be nice to here more about your experience! :)

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