Mild degree crisis, Uni of Notts vs Nottingham Trent for New York?

This is going to be mega cringe for many of you I’m sure, but here goes.

Growing up I always wanted to work in New York, preferably with a high paying job so that I can live a stable life there.

In recent years I’ve became obsessed with both investment banking and management consulting, more so consulting, with some interest in law which brings me to my next point…

Due to ADHD and hating mainstream education in general, I only got a grade 5 in maths (not sure what this is equivalent to in the US, but it’s also the same as a C over here if that helps). All of the economics/management courses at University of Nottingham require 6/7 (they will not budge, I have called numerous times). However, I managed to secure a Law offer, which although I’m extremely grateful for, I’m not a mega reader and I don’t know if I’d be able to take something I have little interest in for so long (whilst not getting paid for it).

I have offers for basically everything I’d enjoy at Trent, economics etc. But from something I previously posted on here, I learned that it is a terrible university, especially for these careers.

I wouldn’t mind working at a start-up either, if anything I love the idea of building something alongside others, especially something tech related.

I want to know if I can secure a high paying job in New York (that I enjoy) and go to Nottingham Trent.

I worked my way up from getting kicked out of school, I am 20 years old and don’t want to waste another minute.

I am extremely confused and want to make the best choice possible.

  • Also want to mention that I’m staying in Nottingham to save money.
  • For context Uni of Nottingham is much higher ranked than Trent (if you’re not from the UK) (It’s Russel Group, UK semi-target)
  • A big big big fan on Vancouver too as an alternative.

Thanks in advance!


the only thing I find discouraging about law (the UoN choice) although I’d enjoy it, it sounds like a super heavy workload; the way people talk about it I’m scared I’m going to get set a thousand pages a week! I don’t know if people are purposefully making it sound worse than it is.

Would this still land me a job at a startup if I changed my mind? Also scared I won’t have many options from law.


With all due respect, get a grip. You're talking about how you're scared of the workload - how do you ever expect to work in banking, consulting, or a high-intensity start up if you can't even do university work?

Nothing will pigeonhole you either. You have the option of pursuing a Master's.


I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but have Trent on your CV will make it head straight for the bin when compared to UoN.

It's worlds apart. Don't make this mistake.

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You won't be able to break in to USA from either university - the recruiting process is just too different and the US firms in the US won't go to extra lengths to get a UK student with no right to work in America over say a non-target who is American (just look at the entry requirements of these firms - they say you must have the right to work there, which you don't...).

With regards to recruiting in the UK, you can either go to UoN, or go take A Level Maths (A in AL > 5 in maths always), and apply again for Economics. Although, if you are not good at maths (like, actually good, not just rote learning past papers), do not take Economics. It is a very mathematical degree with very advanced concepts (multivariate calculus, linear algebra, advanced probability theory and statistics). 

I've seen very, very bright people at AL get a 2.2 or lower when starting their Economics degrees.


Time and time again the same question pops up. The visa hassle alone leaves you with exactly zero chance of breaking into NYC right out of undergrad. Either get internally transferred at a bank or get an MBA in the US in the future. Although if you don’t have citizenship or a green card it will also be a shot in the dark due to how insanely difficult it is to get a H1B, even after your MBA.

As a foreigner in the US going through the visa struggles I implore you to reconsider the US. Not really worth it anymore in my opinion.


How is it not worth it? Surely getting internally transferred is quite doable?


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