Please help. Lateral to nightmare

I know this has been discussed but I really don't know what else I can do. Any suggestion really appreciated.

I lateraled into a position with better comp several months ago. I failed to do enough due diligence (turnover very high, as short as several months under this MD) and it turned to be a nightmare.

I was a top performer in my previous group. But under this MD, everything I do is wrong. He always gives  inconsistent and vague feedback. No matter how I incorporate the feedback into my work product, he always picks something to criticize me, sometimes down to every word or punctuation I use. I feel totally destroyed, useless, and hopeless.  

I am trying to find jobs even tangential to my backgrounds even I am only 3 months into this job. But what should I do while still in this group?  Every time I hear a message from this MD, I literally have a transient panic attack. 


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In the exact same situation rn. Lateraled ~2 months ago from one shitty group culture to another. Considering taking time off to stop jumping from one fire to another. From advice I've received so far, it's not the worst decision if you have a) financial means to live with 6-9 months of being out of the job market and b) you're not recruiting for "top exits" like MF PE

That said, if you like banking and want to stay in the industry, I'd just wait until the 6 month mark and then aggressively network / try to lateral to another shop. 

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Thank you! I have been trying to not take it personal but still feel so shitty about myself under this constant negative loop. Before this job, I never thought I would be so useless.

I want to resign but the more rational side of me keeps saying it is best to look for another position when you have a job. I am looking to transition outside of banking but the current economy and holiday season make it so challenging now. 

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