Securing an interview for an internship role via connection

Wanted to know if there can be any reason for an HR to ignore hiring manager's recommendation for a role they are hiring?

A bit of background. I have a few years of experience under my belt, and have done masters in the recent summer. I have applied for an internship role there for which I over-qualify by a margin. After that I have got in touch with the hiring manager whom I know and after talking with him, he was happy to give his recommendation to the HR. This was almost 2 months ago. I have asked him twice about my CV and he said he did not receive it yet, which I find very strange as the role starts in a months time + few days. I haven't received any update from HR either, no rejection, nothing. Role is still active though.

I am really worried that HR just seem to block me for some reason, but I don't see a reason for that - I have left this firm on a very good terms with everyone when I was working there last time. Should I just reach out to hiring manager again and ask him? Don't want to look like a beggar, so not sure what to do to be honest.

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sle_14, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Can hiring manager override eligibility? Does not makes sense for HR to block him

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No... If an internship is for penultimate year or final year students, then you are clearly ineligible. HR won't budge on this. It's HR who decides which CVs get pushed and which don't in the UK anyway. Besides, why should you get an internship over someone actually eligible? A bit unfair, no? You should just apply for FT ...

sle_14, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It is not an internship in bulge bracket sense of the word (and in name as well), as it is a European bank. There is no requirement (at least it is not indicated anywhere publicly) to be a penultimate year or final year student. In fact it does not even say how many years of experience is too much, but does say one should have some experience in A, B and C. And only way to get experience in this is through work, which seems to contradict it being an "internship" role.

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Usually when they say "Experience" (I know BNP does this) they mean internships, not several years "real" experience. Probably you are just overqualified for this role and you'd be better suited for a Full Time Analyst position.

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sle_14, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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