Tips for New Grad breaking into Private Wealth Management

Dear WSO friends, I have a sales and trading internship( rotate in FICC structured credit trading and AM sales) lined up for the summer in HK. In my resume, I worked for a family foundation to build their network with GPs and LPs as well as two previous sales internships in investment banks. I feel really lost right now for full-time recruiting and would love your advice. Graduating in 2023 May, I am targeting at full-time sales oriented jobs in positions such as Private Wealth Solutions or Strategic Partners at Blackstone. I would love to learn from you on how I can better understand the recruiting timeline for these highly competitive companies. Should I rely on networking on linkedin, or? Is this the similar process as recruiting for internships?I am wondering how can I 1) understand the recruiting timeline of the jobs I am looking into; 2) increase my chance to break into these client facing fields as non-native English speaker.I hope to share this post with others who have similar concerns. Please do share if you have experiences/knowledge in sales oriented roles in asset management or mega pe funds. Thank you so much!

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May 29, 2022 - 5:24pm
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