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Hello fellow monkeys. So ive taken a big step in my life. I left the comforts of modest paying job with Cerner in healthcare consulting, and have recently started a new internship with a small midmarket boutique that specializes in the technology sector. Im in the process of looking for jobs with bigger firms(our boss even told us to hedge our bets). Im going to hopefully be getting in contact with some people at wells and an alumni back im south Florida.

That being said, I'm writing a business school back up plan(pre mba), and I've decided I want to go international. I'm trying to decide between schools in the uk (won't get into lse or oxbridge at this time) like uni of Manchester, warwick or imperial, and a few other red bricks, or schools in Australia like uni of Melbourne, new southwales, or uni sydney. Im hoping to work in the country I get educated in (or one near by)

Pros for Uk (based on Manchester being my best bet) potentially a better reputation if I have to come back home for some reason. Was third most sought after school last year in uk, and gets decent recruitment every year from bb. Would get to be in Manchester for a year, and the program has a research thesis that I want to do. More banks seem lenient on work visas and hiring international students. I would have a great shot at working in london after school.

Cons: 3 straight semesters with no time to intern in between. Harder to get to london than say lse and not much banking in Manchester. The school starts end of summer next year....if I can't find a job after internship I might have to waste a year of my life and potentially oil rig it to save up money as fast as possible. Less recruiting from goldman and jp. Decent alumni presence but you have a much better shot with other firms

Pros for Australia: warm year round. Melbourne is ranked one of the highest schools for finance in the world. All the other schools im considering there are top 20ish too based on qs ranking. Melbourne is supposed to be best school in Australia for banking....gets a ton of recruiting from bb and consulting groups. School would begin in February so I wouldn't be stuck wasting out the year till school started. The program is 3 semesters but also includes an internship period.

Cons: drop bears (jk) it seems a bit harder to get a work Visa...though if you do a masters here (not sure if needs to be 2 years) you get automatic 2 years. JP Morgan and some other banks say must be citizen or resident. Not sure if work Visa would qualify for positions with them....and not sure how hard it would be to find work alternatively in Singapore. Less time to save up cash. Cost of living in Australia is expensive. Not sure how education would transfer over to usa if I had to come back.(melbourne is still ranked higher than most). Firms have smaller offices than in ny and London....less positions I'm told.

If any of you have any advice (Besides stay in usa) ide love to hear it.

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Sep 20, 2014 - 11:36pm
notthehospitalER, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I work in IB in Australia and have done my UG degree in finance at Melbourne. Great school, very few IB positions and to my knowledge they don't hire directly at associate level after Master's degrees like in the US - you'd likely go in as an analyst. Have to confirm this though. That being said, although there are very few IB positions in Australia each year, if you're going to go into IB in Australia Melbourne is a huge target school (as well as Sydney and UNSW).

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Sep 21, 2014 - 5:18pm
rj1443, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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