I go to a non target in the midwest but have quite a few alumni working in IBD. During my freshman year, I sent networking requests to quite a few alumni through linkedin and some of them did not respond. Now I had not done enough research so some of those requests sounded cringe and kind of made my sound like a try hard (I listed clubs and said I wanna prepare for IB ASAP). Yea I know! Now during recruiting reason next year, should I send them another networking request on the same platform? It's been a year. Do they still remember me?

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Might want to skip the people you sent the worst stuff to. Also always email people, don't use LinkedIn most people never check their LI messages.

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Important caveat is people with LinkedIn premium. Quite a few bankers have it and if they are paying for premium, they are more likely to check dms.

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Just contact them using a different platform. It sounds like you didn't email them last time, so send them an email, as is always the best practice (imo) for networking anyway

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