Want to move to London one day

   Hello. I'm 22 year old Japanese who dreams of one day living in London.

I'm currently studying business administration at a non-target (might be able to get a job in BIG4 but not MBB or IB) university in Tokyo. And I have problems. The biggest one is that my English is awful especially writing and speaking. So I'm trying to improve it but I'm wondering what to do after that.

Should I do MIM in the UK or work for some company in Tokyo and then do an MBA?

I really want to do MIM right after I finish my undergrad, but I won't be able to get into a top school like LBS, LSE or Imperial.

Then, I would think I should work for a few years, prepare well and go for an LBS/Oxbridge   MBA.

I know that it's really difficult for foreigners to get a job in the UK so I need advice. I haven't decided on an industry at the moment. I don't mind as long as I get a decent salary. 

Finally, I apologize for my poor English.

You will need to master English obviously, and this will take time. You will probably have a good shot at the Japanese banks after doing an masters/MBA in the UK. Remember that recruiting starts in the summer before the masters/MBA so do not expect to use your studies to improve your English. Going through CFA level 1 could boost your English as well, provided that the degree you are currently studying for is not in English.

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