What to do from now to before summer internship start?

I've recently accepted a summer internship for my sophomore summer. I'm very excited but what do I do now? Do I try and connect with people I'll be working with this summer like coffee chats and stuff? 

Also, how can I incorporate this internship for networking for my junior summer internship as I'll be doing a lot of networking during the spring semester? I'll be interning at a firm that insures municipality bonds, so I was thinking this can help me network with people in public finance or just in fixed income in general. But how do I incorporate this into networking? Should I mention my internship in my initial email/linkedin message?

Thank you for any help in advance!

P.S. - if anyone can tell me more about careers in municipal bond insurance (or in munis in general), that would also be great as there isn't much information about it online.

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