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FT Recruitment Process has been extremely stressful. My days are full of filling a spreadsheet of 650 VC/PE firms and 80 banks with contact information, sending hundreds of emails, and setting up networking calls that go nowhere. All I hear is the class is full and monitor the careers site for new opportunities.

Feels so deflating when I see my friends a year older have half the experience I do and end up at top banks. I keep going but I can't control firms not hiring. I don't want to go into the Big 4, Accounting, PWM, or Corp Dev. I don't want a job that I hate. 

Any advice for what to do? Graduating in May and willing to do anything for an opportunity.

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From someone on the other side, I really only see 1 option: take GMAT and go for MBA. You probably need some corp dev or some business experience but if you want IB that's the way to go since you missed the window this time. The hiring markets are closed right now. FT offers are closed at this point for a summer start. This wrapped up in like Sep/Nov latest.  The networking isn't going to help when the people you're talking to are trying to hold onto their own jobs. In all likelihood, you will need to swallow a big 4, corp dev, or something similar. I'd probably aim for corporate banking or sales and trading. Then wait a year and try again or go MBA route. This is out of your control in terms of market timing, but this is the importance of getting something your junior summer and converting that. I know people on here will tell you its impossible to fuck up and FT is always an option but you're seeing the reality that it's not. The kids who sow the seeds early on are the ones set up right now. You don't want to hear that but that's the truth. That's the bad news. The good news is there's a lot of "tier 2" jobs open at Blackrock f500 companies and other firms (I get emails weekly) looking for kids. Fight hard and it will come

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