Would transferring to the university of Alabama be suicidal for a job at a bb in IB?

Currently at Southern Methodist University as a freshman, majoring in finance and want to pursue IB at a BB. I know my chances are greater here at smu than what they are at Bama especially for a job in New York. But Bama has always been the school where I've always wanted to go. I keep telling myself that smu is better in the long run but time and time again I start overthinking and ask myself if I made a mistake for not going to my dream school since middle school.The cost would be slightly higher at Bama since it's out of state but I wouldn't mind paying more. My main concern is if the current resources that are at Bama would give me a shot at a NY IB job. Or if I'm just tunneled vision at the moment and be dumb for not staying at smu.Has anyone been in this situation? What did you do and were their any regrets?


Why would you want to go to bama as a sophomore anyways? You’d probably have a hard time rushing and if you aren’t in a frat or are an athlete your experience won’t be that life-changing. Stick with SMU


Man, I don't know why'd want to leave SMU for Bama. SMU has pretty solid placements and programs to get you there - last week there were two threads about SMU that got a lot of action on them.  

Chicks are still really hot at SMU and they can be intelligent, talking to some SEC sorority girl can make one lose brain cells. Football could be your answer of why you want Bama, but that really isn't a great reason since SMU still has Frats and game-day type activities.


I'm in literally the same situation as you man. If you still check this thread, pm me. I can't send you a message yet because my account isn't old enough! Would love to talk about this with you.


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