Has anyone purchased a kit home or modular home?

I was thinking  a 600-700 sqft modular, but after surveying, grading, utility hook ups and laying the foundation the it makes more sense to go for more square footage.Also, all the headache of finding the contractors will be there.

Has anyone done this?

The first step would be the land and I've been exploring financing options for a few months as well as keeping up to date on local listings. The financing options include the purchase of bare land. Right now I have found several properly zoned and "within my budget" pieces of land.

I think i may be acting a little with fomo as land is scarce, especially affordable land at the right location. Truthfully though, I think I'm too risk averse to actually go through with this.

I am eligible for a specific loan that will allow me to finance a new construction w/ land purchase.

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I recently finished building my house and I'll tell you right away that building my own house for me came out cheaper than buying a ready-made one in the same place. Plus, no one has lived in my house before me and it's done as I wanted. of course I had to work hard because I myself found all the contractors who performed the work. If you do decide to build, which I strongly advise you to do, pay attention to the processes associated with the front door and windows as I encountered a problem. I found contractors while they made the order, then waited about a month for them to make. And the rainy season started and I planned to have the windows installed before then. It's good that at least the roof was done in time. You need to plan very well exactly the seasonality of construction and duration. Not to do finishing work on the facade in winter.

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