Best Laptops for heavy Financial Modelling?

Question is self-explanatory, what are the best laptops for modelling (& why)? 

I work in Infra / Energy PE space and very often I am working with huge / complicated Project Finance models, somtimes I need many open at the same time. Anyone in this sector will be familiar with the time wasted running macros & recovering files after a crash.

My company has given me the green light to get a new laptop to help mitigate this (no real max budget, but I don’t want to take the piss so I guess GBP c3k max).

I don’t care about keyboard since 90% of the time I use an external one. The main thing is I need a powerful device with a strong processor & enough RAM. I am currently looking at gaming laptops (such as Alienware) but not sure if these are optimal for modelling or not.

Lenovo thinkpad carbon has some pretty beefy models in the lineup with 32gb of ram and hefty processors (I believe intel i9s). Dell XPS lineup also features some very beefy models (comparable ram and cpu) and imo is more visually appealing than the Lenovo.

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Would firmly suggest a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 Intel Core i7 with 32gb of RAM and 512gb of SSD storage. Not sure if this is standard, but the titanium shell makes things fantastic so would confirm that that's what you're getting. Keyboard on the laptop feels amazing, essentially feels like you're typing on a Mac vs. those old Lenovo x7's or whatever they're called, and makes a difference when traveling without access to a workstation and/or regular keyboard (for those banking analysts adjusting to PE, working on the move is a learning curve in terms of being productive not at your workstation so this feels abundantly important)... speed is amazing, in addition to feel which I've already elaborated on, is second to none. Highly recommend, as I said before.

You're welcome.

I don't think gaming laptops are the way to go, just because it's going to be super heavy and the GPU is basically unnecessary. The suggestions above are good - I feel like RAM is super important with having multiple PF models up. I have a 16 GB Ram Thinkpad with an i7, but things still lag out depending on how many models/PPT I have open and also if I have chrome tabs or something open in the back.

I wouldn't go with a gaming laptop - the Lenovo thinkpad mentioned above is gold standard for a reason. get as much RAM/SSD as you can and an intel i7 or higher chip, and you should be good

I bought my work laptop straight out of college and got a cheaper plastic Samsung one but maxed out on RAM/SSD + intel i7 chip. It's been 5+ years and that thing still runs incredibly well for being <$1000 at the time and being beat up over years of hard work.

Just for any future searches - if budget is a concern, would 100% recommend buying a "lower" brand model with good interior computer (chip, RAM) over buying the base model Lenovo with a shitty chip/RAM

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