Info on Evergreen Coast Capital (Elliott Management PE arm)

I know it started after Elliott was rejected from consortiums to bid on buyouts of assets in which they had an activist stake. If anyone has familiarity with them past what is listed on websites, already on WSO, would be great.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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big time turnaround shop. currently in play with Nielsen and Citrix buyout so gunning for large assets. Typical thesis is to cut overhead and bloat to realize cost savings and then take their portco's public again rather quickly. Incredibly lean running shop, and I've seen associate emails coming in at 3:45 am on a Sunday...

Top notch learning experience since you could be the main associate on massive deal ie Nielsen/Citrix, but expect difficult hours. This is all from what I've heard from a friend and brief interactions there so a current employee should be able to comment further

kuf135, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Anybody doing these big corporate carve outs (and similarly large take privates) will have tough WLB. Carve outs can be complete shitshows esp in the throes of a deal. However, If executed well, you can come out of the other side owning a nice asset at a great price, which is why some very successful PE funds focus on them.

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Headhunter: Gold Coast

Sector: Tech in Menlo Park, building out a new NY office that focuses on Industrials buyout headed up by some ex-Cerberus guys, think just a handful of people there right now

Comp: $150k base + $200k bonus, bonus is on a vesting schedule so not a lump-sum at year-end, haven't seen that before

Strategy: Emphasis on buyout but they have a 100% flexible mandate which is pretty cool. Partner a lot with other buyout shops like Vista and Veritas on some of their larger deals. Not completely sure whether they're as turnaround/special sit. focused as the commenter above said, but that'd definitely make sense given Elliott's notorious activist approach

Past Investments:

- Take Privates: Nielsen (not closed), Citrix (not closed), AthenaHealth (heard AthenaHealth was Elliott's highest-ever-returning investment on an equity basis or smth), Cubic, LogMeIn, Travelport, Gigamon, E2Open

- LBO: ASG Technologies

- Growth Buyout: Dreambox

- Carve Out: Quest / SonicWall

- Minority Growth: Introhive, bmc

- Equity Recap: Academic Partnerships, Workforce Software

- Mezzanine: Misys, BMC

Runs crazy lean, talking ~5 associates in the Menlo office. Decent mix of ex-consultants and ex-bankers. No insight on day to day culture, but I've heard people are generally happy. Seems like there's a path to direct promo without an MBA based on LinkedIn profiles of principals who're there. Think the HF culture of Elliott bleeds down into Evergreen a bunch, heard they only have 2 mandatory days a week in-office 

Source: Friend who works there, coffee chat during recruiting a while back

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