Internal Mobility at BX?

Going to be joining a group this summer at BX as a FT analyst and am considering attempting an internal transfer from the group I'll be joining (REPE) to their corporate PE arm. I am looking to join a HF after my stint, and this move would make the most sense for my long-term career/goals. Would be open to switching firms but feel as if testing internal mobility would make sense. My questions are:

Process: For anyone whose gone through this process after joining a firm, what did that process generally look like?

Time Line: When did you initially start networking with the group(s) you were interested in? When did you formally express interest in the group? When did you interview internally? With who and how did you bring up the idea of switching groups (MD/Staffer/HR)?

Office Politics: How did you manage the politics behind a move like this when it comes to expressing interest in/interviewing with another group while you're still with your current team?

Duration: Is lateraling groups internally feasible after 1 year or is two years required? When does the actual move generally happen? (would assume the summer time, hoping there is enough time for on-cycle recruiting with the following class of analysts)

Any answers from willing and able current professionals would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you joining after some IB experience? US or London office?

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It's a tough transition and you'll burn a lot of bridges. You would have been much better off joining a MM corporate PE firm from the start.

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thanks for the response. care to elaborate more? do you know people who have made the switch, if so how?

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Know people who have tried. RE team will not be pleased you're just using them as a stepping stone. Corporate PE team will view bar for entry to RE team as meaningfully lower and will assume you only took the RE offer because you weren't able to get the corporate offer to begin with.

Assuming you're actually able to follow your plan, both teams will be super pissed when they find out you didn't actually want to work for either team and only accepted to use as leverage for next role.

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BX is very against internal mobility, especially if you are "trading up" from REPE to general PE. You may lose your FT offer for asking.

At some firms this is totally reasonable, but BX even sneers at long-tenured people who transfer for very legitimate reasons, like family or a dying parent, let alone a fresh SA trying to take the back door into a top group. Recruit outside of the firm discreetly so you have the REPE offer as a backup, don't mention a word of it to BX.

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Why do you say that going from Corporate PE to TacOpps is going down?

CashBuffer, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You guys are absolute clowns giving horrible advice. The truth is this: You're not going to lose your FT offer for asking. That's not how firms operate.

Your request will be denied if you haven't started yet. Corporate PE is probably full and the team you recruited for needs you. Work in your group for a year. Demonstrate top tier performance then look into switching. 

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Not true. Can tell you firsthand from a friend who went to the same target school as me, went to the same BB, same strong alumni network that was jerking him off all summer, and when he asked for a FT spot in a much more coveted group he didn't get a return offer due to "culture fit". The alumni team was just pissed/offended that the kid wanted to switch out so they straight up did not give him an offer. This was pre-COVID times so maybe the hiring market dynamics are more favorable these days, but apparently a lot of other comments are saying BX is not supporting of this. It's a real risk that should not be dismissed as OP considers their options.

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What do you think about the feasibility of going from RE AM to acquisitions - still a real estate team but different arm?

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saram, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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