Laid Off and Looking for Insight

Hi all, trying to keep as anon as possible to avoid stirring up trouble. I was recently laid off as a result of my startup LMM shop failing/winding down. Now on unemployment and trying to network/apply for jobs where I can, but wanted to look for insight from anyone who is or has been in a similar situation - any help is appreciated. 

To add some context, I started off in a fairly specialized M&A team at a top bank for my industry and left early after I got an offer for my PE gig through a close friend about a year in. I was facing serious physical and mental health issues due to heavy abuse in my banking role, which made the jump to a new workplace with lighter hours easy. Did my DD as thoroughly as I could while interviewing, things seemed great, and I only realized I was lied to on many fronts well after I had started. Things went rapidly downhill from there, with OpCos drastically underperforming, acquisitions failing, cash burn through the roof, exec infighting, etc. 

Now I'm unemployed, and I'm not sure what to do next. Job market appears to be flooded with recent layoffs, and most shops seem to have dialed back or halted hiring. Not sure if I even want to pursue PE/high finance roles anymore, as two terrible experiences to start my career have left me wanting for a much more stable career with an emphasis on quality of life. 

As an aside, my landlord just bumped my rent ~30%, and I can't really afford to live in NYC with rent prices where they are now, especially while unemployed. Wanted to get any takes I can about moving to Hoboken/JC/Westchester while searching and just commuting into the city for a year until I have a decent salary again. 

I'm planning to get a place in northern jersey near a train stop. Even if you have a car, you won't be able to drive unless your job lets you park in their building for free.

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