Looking for opportunities to jump into PE / PC in the US from London

Hi everyone, 

I am a student in Europe and will join as an investment analyst of PE/PC in London (think BX/KKR/WB/GS/Carlyle/CVC/Bain in terms of AuM and brand name). From a tier 1-1.5 school in Europe (probably no name in the US but we have awesome exchange/double degree programs with Harvard, MIT, UPenn, Columbia, etc. so might not be THAT no name?). I also have several internships in some decent firms before. I might have my green card in one year.

I would love to move to the US (ideally Boston or NYC) due to personal reasons yet don't want to wait for 2 years or more in order to get the internal mobility eligibility. I have several points in mind and wonder if anyone here was in the same situation and/or can shed some lights on this. 

  1. Would it be even possible (or the % of success) to be considered for an interview by HH or funds for an A1/A2 role? My doubts are as I have never attended a US school, I won't be even considered for a first-round...

  2. Not thinking about an MBA so far cuz it is too costly + I have had a master degree + a bit too old for another 2 years at school. But I am wondering would it help a lot to have at least the first door open? 

  3. Following the previous 2 points, how will the future career path look like in the future as there is no alumni network for me in this industry (there are a handful for sure but maybe less than 100 in total in all the big funds)?

  4. I personally would not mind doing a "less prestigious" role such as secondary, co-invest or FoF (or a direct investment role within a less well-known firm). Will that increase slightly my chance of getting there?

Also, in terms of "best practices": let alone the possibility to be considered for an interview, I am a bit not sure about the culture in the states. It seems to me that folks really need to put themselves out there to reach out to Partners/MDs to network? Something that is rare in London IMO so would love to hear what you think!? Ideally some ways to get my first steps done!! 

Much appreciate any advice from you!

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  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A

Brother, let me be deadass with you. Unless you're studying right now in the US, or have a greencard, or are Canadian, you're not working in the US right after graduation in your current situation. Nobody cares about your "personal reasons".

  • Prospect in IB-M&A

Understood. Not thinking about of getting a job right after graduation will be possible but prob several months after my FT in London? And from what I understand, Green card will be a huge advantage then? 

  • Associate 1 in CB

You'll NEED a green card. I've actually talked to some HH about this for a friend who thought of doing the same jump but from HK. The answer I got is that firms generally only sponsor visa for international students but not internationals that are not currently here.

Also re: exchange programs with top schools do your school is not a no name. Any legit schools have exchange programs with US universities. I'm international and universities in my home country also have exchange programs with said schools yet they don't rank top 100 globally. US universities do that because college kids want a year abroad to drink, have fun, and date foreigners.

Your best bet is through internal mobility. I've seen French coming over with BNP/Natixis and aussies coming over with Macquarie. In those cases they actually help you sort out visa/sponsorship.

  • Prospect in IB-M&A

Thank you! Might I ask also how do people usually have an initial contact with HHs? 

  • Analyst 1 in HF - Other

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