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Can anyone share insights on the culture / hours for MF PE funds in HK / Singapore? What’s a typical work week like for an associate? Do they prefer to recruit from HK / SG IBs or NY / London?

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Depends a lot on the funds themselves (eg. International MFs like Blackstone/ KKR vs regional Asian MFs like Baring/ MBK). In general, hours are extremely long, on par with typical IB hours in Asia. Common to stay well-past midnight and work on Sundays in HK. It's similar in Singapore as well. Typically start at ~10am and burn through the night. 

Recruiting happens from everywhere and the HK-based MFs recruit from HK, Beijing/Shanghai, NY, and London. With Mandarin becoming more crucial (basically essential) to work at most MFs in HK unless you cover Korea specifically, they hire quite a lot from mainland China and HK. Of course, they still hire a good portion from NY and London, given that they speak Mandarin. 

Mandarin's relatively less important (still a +) in Singapore, because you cover the SEA region. Bahasa, Indian, and Vietnamese are extremely valuable if you want to break into MFs based in Singapore. From my experience, they do hire quite a lot from NY (obviously on top of local talent based in Singapore), but most of the NY-based candidates have ties to Singapore. 


If one is a banker in NYC who speaks one of the 3 listed languages you mentioned when talking about Singapore, what does the recruiting process look like for Singapore MFs? Similar timeline to stateside MFs? Later? Do they interview us in NYC typically? 


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