Solar Energy - Modeling test (Moving from RE)

Hi everyone,

Interviewing tomorrow with a renewables (mostly solar) developer/investor. Currently in real estate dev / private equity (Associate) and would like to consider the transition.

Issue is I'll face a modeling test if it goes well tomorrow and I'm fine when it comes to RE modeling but the models I've found online regarding renewables are pretty huge with macros for debt sculpting.

My firm, among other things, develops and operates its real estate assets, that's why the AD invited me to this interview, their business plan is really similar to ours but in another industry (with of course different considerations such as EBITDA vs. NOI, regulatory context, market, product, PPAs...)

Any chance you would have case study, ideally with a solution or a link for this? Probably take home test or 2/3 hours I would say! (please post here or DM me and we can share our emails)

Thanks monkeys

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